How to Build a Homemade Ice Rinks in Your Backyard

If you’re looking to add homemade ice rinks to your backyard this winter, there’s no need to buy a pre-made one. You can easily build your own! Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Choose a level spot in your yard for the rink – make sure to clear away any debris or rocks first

Before you can get your backyard ice rink up and running, it’s important to choose the right spot. Look for a reasonably level patch of ground that’s free from debris or large rocks. This will help ensure that your rink remains in ideal condition as you skate on it throughout the season. To make sure things stay safe and enjoyable, take the time to properly prepare by clearing away anything that could interfere with your homemade ice rink before getting started.

Backyard Ice Rinks

Backyard Ice Rinks

Lay down a tarp or heavy-duty plastic sheeting, making sure it is big enough to cover the entire area you’ve chosen

Constructing a homemade ice rink in your yard can be a great way to enjoy outdoor winter activities with family or friends. As part of this process, it is important to ensure that your chosen area is appropriately covered; thus, you will want to lay down a heavy-duty tarp or plastic sheeting, making sure that its size will account for the entirety of the space. It is critical that no portion of the area remains uncovered when creating your ice rink, as doing so can increase the risk of flooding and other issues. 

Use duct tape or heavy-duty staples to secure the edges of the tarp/plastic sheeting to the ground

Securing the edges of your plastic sheet or tarp for your homemade ice rink is an important step to ensure that it doesn’t blow away in a gust of wind and won’t warp from the heat of the sun. Using duct tape or heavy-duty staples can help make sure that the plastic is firmly attached to the ground, which is key for having a successful ice skating rink. You’ll be able to freely skate knowing that your rink won’t shift unexpectedly, making it a much safer experience. So don’t forget this essential step and secure your edges!

Fill a garden hose with water and start filling up the rink, starting at one end and working your way across

Setting up a homemade ice rink is a great way to get the family outside for winter recreation. It’s simple: fill a garden hose with water, and start filling up the rink, starting at one end and working your way across. After ensuring that the boundaries are level and even, freeze the water with the help of cold temperatures and you’re ready for skating! However, it is important to check regularly on your ice rink throughout the freezing process; you don’t want any brittle surfaces that could make skating unsafe.

Once the rink is full, use a broom to smooth out any rough spots on the surface of the ice

Once the homemade ice rink is full, it’s time to take a broom to the surface of the ice in order to achieve a smooth skating experience. This is an important last step prior to skating as rough spots pose a risk for falls and other accidents; additionally, they can make for an unpleasant experience on the rink. To achieve a safe, even surface, first smooth out any ridges left behind by filling process and then briskly sweep across them with the broom in a consistent motion.

Enjoy your new backyard ice rink!

Are you ready to be the envy of your neighborhood? With a homemade ice rink in your backyard, you can enjoy the quintessential winter pastime right in your own home! There’s no better way to show off your skating skills than with this fantastic addition for family and friends alike. Set up your ice rink, break out your skates, and get ready to have a blast in the great outdoors. Ice rinks offer hours of entertainment for the whole family – so why wait?

By following these simple steps, you’ll be skating on your very own backyard ice rink in no time! Be sure to choose a level spot in your yard, clear away any debris or rocks, and lay down a heavy-duty tarp or plastic sheeting.  Once the rink is full, smooth out any rough spots on the surface of the ice with a broom and enjoy!

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